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A MobilePage to organize your digital life and stay connected

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Why Zypp?

Zypp is the easiest way to connect. From your page you add plugins for things like phone numbers, emailssocial handles and more where you can keep them up to date in real time and exchange your page with others on a curated basis.

Connecting should be simple

With Zypp you’ll never lose, manage or have duplicate contacts again. Contacts all have an image, tags and other info making them easy to find. New contacts have a blue ring around them prompting you to view their page and the best part is each user is responsible for updating any changes to their contact info.

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Groups on Zypp is perfect for organizing work colleagues, event attendees, follow up conversations and more. 

Tap to share

To share contact info with others just go the share settings in the menu on their page and toggle on the contacts you want them to have. These contacts will immediately show up when they view your Zypp.

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Networking made easy

Simply tap your Zypp QR or scan someone else’s similar to how LinkedIn and Snapchat works. Once pages are exchanged each person chooses the contact info they want to share. If someone doesn’t have Zypp you can invite them via text, email or social media.

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