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Arlan Hamilton on ‘The Startup’ Podcast

Arlan Hamilton is a true outlier and defines the phrase ‘one of a kind’. She has overcome more bias than one could possibly imagine in this male dominated world; especially the world of tech. I hate to lead with all the social tags we use as humans to describe people but let me paint a picture so you can envision the mountains she’s climbed to be in the position she is in. Arlan is a black-gay-woman who has taken the VC world by storm and revolutionizing finance and and the landscape for under-represented founders. If you’re not too familiar with VC and the startup scene, let me give you one stat: Black women receive around .01% of VC capital that is invested into startups every year. This is an astonishing number and one that Arlan is changing as the days pass. 

If that isn’t enough, she started her journey of becoming a Venture Capitalist while being homeless in San Francisco and sleeping at the airport while taking meetings with other Venture Capitalist and making her rounds in the world hub of tech. Not surprised that Gimlet Media featured her for their season 7 of ‘The Startup’ podcast. To listen to the season, which is fascinating and produced in a cinematic and storytelling fashion by Gimlet Media, of which the 1st episode is playing above.