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Zypp is A Dashboard for your Digital Life. The App has a plugin store where users can add features to enhance their page. The first plugins we’re introducing are for contact information like (phone numbers, emails, chat apps, social handles and websites) but will soon have plugins available for things like a (blog, portfolio, event, eCommerce and more.) Imagine Zypp at the cross sector of a stripped down website and a beefed up social media platform and without all the weird stuff  << (very subjective but social media does have some features I wish I could delete or remove.) 

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This event looks like a must attend with two heavy hitters in the world of tech and pioneers leading the way for women in the industry. I will definitely be in the audience to gain as many nuggets as I can and network my a$$ off. LA has a thriving tech/startup scene and events that are happening all the time that provide tons of insight and valuable connections that a lot of cities aren’t as fortunate to have. Get off your computer for a few hours and get in the scene. AND, you can’t beat FREE food! RSVP Here


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Calling all brands and influecers! Zypp is partnering with 100 brands for our ‘Private Beta’ launching Jan 1, 2020. We will be accepting inquiries for this through the first quarter of next year. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT!

What is Zypp:

Zypp is a MobilePage to organize your digital life. Think of Zypp as a cross between a website that doesn’t need a domain and social media that you can customize and add features to. Building your page is simply done by adding plugins for things like contact info, blog, mobile store, events, calendar, and much more. BUT in order to figure out which plugins to build first WE NEED YOUR HELP. 


What does the Private Beta entail?: 

Zypp is partnering with 100 brands to figure out the best ways to use this amazing platform and in return they will receive a FREE credit of $10.00 for each user within the company for life. We could just build a bunch of integrations that we THINK people want to use OR we can work with your brand to figure out the best plugins that add value to your business, staff and work flow to ultimately make your company more efficient and profitable. 

We are currently signing partnerships with companies in the hospitality space including (nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and event companies), Startups, VC’s, Accelerators, Coworking spaces and influencers who have a notable following.