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Zypp is A Dashboard for your Digital Life. The App has a plugin store where users can add features to enhance their page. The first plugins we’re introducing are for contact information like (phone numbers, emails, chat apps, social handles and websites) but will soon have plugins available for things like a (blog, portfolio, event, eCommerce and more.) Imagine Zypp at the cross sector of a stripped down website and a beefed up social media platform and without all the weird stuff  << (very subjective but social media does have some features I wish I could delete or remove.) 

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Data, Investment, Startup, Technology, Trends

ID verification and management is a big and important market as we shift into the digital age at hyper speed. IDnow seems to be in good condition after executing a funding round of $40 Million to grow it’s Identity Verification-as-a-service platform. You may be asking yourself what the hell is ID verification? Here are a few use cases for Identity Verification (government issued ID in a digital format, financial services, travel, driving, and the list goes on) to prep you for the article below written by Who knows what the future holds but we don’t have to carry that stupid piece of plastic with our picture (that most of us don’t like) anymore then I’m all for it. 

We featured this article because if you didn’t know, data has become the leading and most valuable commodity in the world shoving oil further down the list as stated in this article by The Economist that you can read HERE

We featured this article because Zypp is in a similar space definitely sees an opportunity in the future of data. However our philosophy is people first and we are on a mission to give people the ownership of their data as much as possible and put the user in the driver’s seat of how their personal/digital data is used. We think that if personal data is going to be sold to a company for a marketing campaign, solicit new products or a research initiative, the users themselves should have a seat at the table and get a piece of the pie aka transaction.