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Octopus, a Rideshare Advertising company secures $10.3M in funding

I will keep this short and sweet but want to say that I mentioned this idea to a friend of mine when I first moved to the Bay Area in 2016 at a coffee shop. His name is Mo and told him “what if we could put tablets on the back of seats in ubers, create an app where riders can either control the media they are interacting with and then split the revenue with the drivers?”. covered this story and I am personally looking forward to the read. 

He loved the idea but we quickly shifted to planning the concert series he was helping me put together and the idea was left in the dust. I’m not mad that I wasn’t the one who pursued the idea but I am glad that someone else had this vision and is bringing it to reality. I hope that Octopus is planning on doing rev-share with the drivers and creating an additional source of income in the ever growing yet low wage sector of the ‘Gig-economy’.